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Alphabet Soup is a blend of all the things I am passionate about: teaching, creativity & communication.

I provide engaging enrichment and intervention programmes, helping children and adults to develop their literacy skills through creative writing.  

Please do get in touch, I'm always happy to chat about how Alphabet Soup can support literacy development within schools, youth groups, adult education centres and beyond!

Rebecca Hall

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About Me.

Choosing teaching was a natural decision: I love writing, I love reading and I love the feeling you get when you are lucky enough to share this passion with others.

Choosing to study, live and work in the Midlands was another decision which came naturally. I love the diversity of this part of the country, especially the variety of rural and urban communities.  I obtained my English Degree from the University of Derby then onto the University of Leicester to study for my PGCE in Secondary English.

With over a decade of English teaching experience within Secondary schools across the Midlands, AST accreditation and literacy consultancy experience, I remain dedicated to equipping students with the literacy skills required to be successful within school and beyond through the work of my company Alphabet Soup.

What I do

Alphabet Soup provides creative writing workshops and literacy support within a wide range of education settings; including primary schools, the secondary sector and adult education.  The presentation style is innovative and engaging; with the academic rigour required to enable student progression - making it the perfect combination to ensure enrichment sessions are a success.

School workshops are created in the light of the revised National Curriculum, where pupils are required to write "accurately, fluently, effectively, and at length for pleasure and information."

Each session is tailored to the specific requirements of the client and is underpinned by a pedagogical based dialogue where, working within the framework of the school,  I ensure that progress is measurable. I can spend any time from two hours with a school, to whole day workshops and on-going intervention. 

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My Blog

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  • Thank you to the Sir John Moore Foundation for hosting such a fantastic 'Celebonference.'  It was a wonderful opportunity to hear from such inspirational speakers.  With creativity high on the agenda, imaginative writing plays such an important role in the development of our young learners.  

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